About us

Our mission is simple -   We strive to be a different type of T-shirt company.  Our focus is on 3 simple, but important, things 

Quality shirts

Quality designs

Quality service

Whether you are  looking for a custom design for your organization, school, or business or looking for a new T to show your love for all things local through though our private label collection, we would love to help you out.

Why 1836 Ink? - about 20 years ago I moved to Fayetteville, Ar to attend the University of Arkansas - I never dreamed 20 years later it would  be where I called home.  After spending more than 10 years in the financial services industry I decided it was time for a different pace of life - one where I could fully enjoy all the great things The Natural State has to offer. I think we'd all agree life is just a little better in a comfortable T-Shirt and even better when at least part of that time is spent outdoors. 

If you're a local you already know that Arkansas really is a special place.  If you are visiting our shop from afar, I hope someday you will make a trip to spend some time here, you may just find you want to stick around awhile too.

The name of our shop, 1836 Ink,  was chosen as a way to pay homage to the  year Arkansas became the 25th state in the union.  

While cotton isn't as big  of a business in Arkansas as it once was, in 2014 Arkansas produced enough cotton to make just under 1 Billion T-shirts, so there is a good chance that your next shirt is made with cotton grown right here. 

  We realize you have lots of choices when you reach into your closet to  head out the door.  Wherever your journey takes  we hope you make memories that last a lifetime and while you do we'd love for a 1836 Ink shirt to be on the journey with you.