Got art?

Just some helpful tips to keep things simple

We can work with just about anything you send our way. These tips are just to move things along a little quicker.

File Types we like

Adobe is what we use on a daily basis so AI, EPS or PDFs are usually easiest. PSD or a high res PNG can work too if it’s a photo.  If you design in Corel we have that too so send away.

Have those but can’t open it?

No problem – we likely can.   Just include a jpg/png sample so we can verify they match and we will always send you a mock-up back up just to make sure things look as they should.  


For most things vector art is preferred but if it’s an image to get the best results it must be at least 300dpi. If your image is below 300dpi, please do not simply increase the resolution.  This could result in a very blurry, pixelated image. Ideally full color artwork will be 300dpi  at the size it will be printed.


There are a lot out there.   While there is a chance we may have the ones you used there is also a pretty good chance we won’t have it.   2 options – just package the files to include the fonts used in your project or outline it.   Sending the fonts is best if you anticipate needing any text changes.   

Web Images

When images are taken from a website, or your email signature, they are typically 72dpi. This is great to keep file sizes small and websites loading quickly but resolution is not high enough for printing purposes. 

Large files

Usually not an issue, but if your file is larger than about 25mb there it likely won’t get to us via email.   We run on Google Workspace so that’s usually the easiest but we are happy to fit into your workflow when we can.  Just reach out – we are confident we can come up with an easy solution. 

A PDF is good…

unless it’s not a vector based PDF.   Saving a low res jpg in a PDF doesn’t help.

It’s OK…really

If you are reading this far you probably don’t do this for a living – and it is ok if some of this doesn’t make sense. There really isn’t much we haven’t seen – just send what you can and we will take it from there.  

Reg marks, bleeds, crop marks, trapping etc 

If you are someone who does this for a living, fair warning – we will likely delete them and use our own.  We are always up for seeing someone else’s way of doing things though so if you feel compelled it’s ok, just stick em on a separate layer if you can. 



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