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Whatever you call it – we’ve got it.

Nearly 100% of consumers say they are willing to go out of their way to get a promotional product.

Missing out on branded merch? Your customers could be rocking competitors’ gear instead of yours!

Your story, your way – that’s where the magic of branded merch comes in.

 Whether it’s sharing your triumphs, your ambitions, or your brand vibe, these goodies speak volumes. And guess what? They’re not just stuff, they’re connections waiting to happen.

Here at 1836 Ink, we’re all about helping you with your promo game. We reckon those products should be more than plain ol’ giveaways – they’re your brand’s heart and soul. Our gig? Crafting slick and practical branded merch that’s all you.

We get it, you’re hustlin’ hard. That’s why we’ve made kicking things off a breeze. Dive into this site for a little inspiration or drop us a line. We’re your creative comrades, ready to help you rock the right products to tell your story. Let’s do it!

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The go-to's

Every darn year, these bad boys snag the crown and totally dominate the charts as the reigning champions of promo items. Seriously, they’re like the rock stars strutting their stuff in the promo world!

If you’re just diving into this awesome adventure, these cool cats are your go-to starting point when you’re itching to spread the word about your brand. They’re like the first chapter of your brand’s epic story!

Hey, even in our digital era, a pen still rocks as a top way to put your name out there. Whether it’s a quirky attention-grabber, a special occasion gift, or a  simple pen that becomes a trusty standby, it’s a brand booster. Your name keeps popping up in the hands  of both loyal fans and fresh faces.

From coffee to soda and beyond, everyone’s always reaching for a drink. Make sure your name’s right there with them. Whether you’re going big with stadium cups or aiming for their daily sipper, we’ve got the hookup to make it all come together. Cheers to branding that’s always in hand!

Life’s a whirlwind, and folks are juggling a bunch. Tote bags for the market or drawstring packs for the gym? They’ve got your back. The cool twist? Bags mean more space to show off your logo. So not only do the recipients notice your brand, but everyone around them gets the memo too!

Let’s keep it real – just because they’re hanging with the cool crowd doesn’t mean they’re not worth a look. There’s a whole bunch of options ready to shake things up without emptying your wallet, and guess what? People are all about ’em — they’re not just eye candy,  they’re actually put to good use! 

But hey, no need to sweat it –we’ve got your back and we’re totally in the game of making your brand pop like confetti. Let’s team up and uncover that absolute gem of a promo item that’ll make your brand shine like a bonafide superstar, leaving everyone else in awe of your promo prowess!


Back when we started 1836 Ink, we were absolutely psyched to flaunt our shiny new logo and get it into the hands of every person we knew. We were all about pens, cups, stickers – you name it, we wanted it!

However, reality hit us pretty fast, and we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle – truth be told, somewhat let down too.

The sheer multitude of choices left us feeling swamped, and the service we got from the distributors we talked to? Well, it wasn’t quite up to par. Most just tossed a website link our way or handed over a couple of catalogs and told us to figure it out.  

We totally get it – that method might suit some folks, and if you’re the kind who’s all about flipping through a catalog and placing an order, we’re totally down to send one your way. But for the other 95% of the crowd, we’re itching to team up and take on the heavy lifting ourselves.

But you know how it goes – we were hustling to keep our customers happy, and the whole swag thing got shoved to the back burner for way longer than we had planned.

That’s when we became absolutely convinced that there had to be a different approach (or dare we say, a better one?).

Andre Agassi got it right in 1989 – Image is Everything.  We’re all about making sure the stuff we suggest not only matches your brand but really shows it off in the coolest way. If you’ve got a branding guide, toss it our way so we can take a peek beforehand. We’ll also hang out on your social media and website for a bit to soak in your vibe. And of course, we’re gonna take the time to get to know you and your project. ‘Cause honestly, the reason behind what you’re after can be just as big a deal, if not even bigger, than the thing itself. 

 Alright, let’s kick off the brainstorming session! We’re about to go full-on research mode to dig up the absolute best options that fit like a glove with what you’re looking for and align perfectly with your marketing goals. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of possibilities! This can take some time but it will be worth the wait!

Depending upon the project this may move up or down the list.   It’s a bit like a dance – sometimes it takes the lead, and other times it steps back. But hey, no worries, we’ve got your back all the way. Need to fine-tune that logo file type? We’re on it. Want a design that’s one-of-a-kind, tailored just for this gig? You got it. We’re here to handle everything from the nitty-gritty tech stuff to the creative magic, so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Choose your faves from our curated selection of awesome merch, tailor-made for you. Just give us the nod on what vibes with you. It’s like putting together your own personal lineup of coolness – and we’re here to make it a piece of cake!

Once you’ve picked your faves, we’ll iron out the details. And Voilà! Before you know it, your fresh batch of  merch will be prepped and primed, ready to be shared with the world!   It’s like a magic transformation – from ideas to reality

Now, here comes the slightly self-indulgent part – but hey, it’s all in good spirits! We absolutely adore catching a glimpse of the things we’ve crafted out there in the real world, and those beaming smiles on the lucky recipients’ faces? Pure gold. We’re secretly hoping you’ll  share a couple of snapshots with us, just so we can hop on the excitement train too. Let’s keep the good vibes rolling!


Now, you might glance at these steps and think, “Whoa, that’s quite a bit!”

We here you, but trust us, our process is designed to actually simplify things for you. The ideas you see on this site? Well, they’re just a little teaser of what’s out there – enough to get your creative gears turning.

Let's Go!!